Become the beste ice pop vendor in the world! Play alone or in 1-on-1 duels against other ice pop vendors. Use a variety of boosters to win the game in your own way.

Endless strategy

Freezm revolutionizes the match game genre. Create rows of at least 4 ice pops by rotating multiple ice pops (a minimum of 2x2). There are many more combinations possible compared to traditonal match games. Use new strategies and win!!

Play alone...

Travel from country to country at your leisure without any pressure. Beat the evil ice pop vendor at every country border and become the best ice pop vendor. Enjoy the scenery and familiar landmarks!

... or play one-on-one duels

Play against others, either in real time or whenever it suits you. Beat your Facebook friends or other player everywhere in the world. Climb the leaderboards.

Use your boosters strategically

Use boosters to make duels even more fun! Create unique strategies with your favorite boosters. New boosters are added to the game regularly.


  • Easy to use and fun to master
  • 110+ levels and 8 one-on-one levels
  • free to play
  • Facebook connection is optional
  • Playing one-on-one duels against friends is optional
  • Duel levels require a internet connection
  • Sync between phones and tablets
  • Boosters and lives regenerate for free
  • Stunning hi resolution artwork
  • No ads
  • Notifications can be disabled
  • Future updates to levels and features are free

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"Freezm proves that
innovation is still possible!"
Control Magazine

"Fun puzzle game
with ice creams!"

"More challenging than Candy-Crush!"

"Lots of fun, expecially multi-player!"

"Can't stop playing. Okay 5 minutes more."

"Cool new gameplay cute drawings"


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