Blast cubes in space in our new game!

We’re excited to announce Cosmo Clash, a multiplayer space themed cube blasting game. Travel to distant alien planets and play against other space travellers to become the next intergalactic Cosmo Clash champion!

Play against other players

Beat your opponent, on the same board where every tap counts. Collect as many cubes as you can but watch out that you don’t create massive oppertunities for your opponent.

Discover new planets

Earn trophies to unlock distant planets with new and unique challenges.

Crazy challenges

Beam up aliens! Make stars go supernova! It’s not just cubes you’re dealing with...

Cool boosters & powerups

Charge your booster and use them with great effect! Match awesome powerups and blast your way to victory.


  • Player-versus-Player
  • Easy to play and fun to master
  • Free to play
  • Facebook connection is optional
  • Sync between phones and tablets
  • Stunning hi resolution artwork
  • Notifications can be disabled
  • Future updates to levels and features are free

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